Life on the trail

Some pictures and Blogs from the road


Now as Covid cases are receding and the world is opening for travelers again. We are both excited to get out on our own and welcome you to our backyard to explore. Fjallabak (the area behind the mountains) is home to some of the finest hiking trails in the world, The Laugavegur, Fimmvörðuháls and countless lesser known ones.

Having spent the last two decades, working, hiking, biking and playing there we here at Snowbunting Adventures are welcoming you to join us for the summer of 2022. Offering two tours this summer, the “classic” one where we traverse the Laugavegur trail in three days ending in the colorful but empty landscape of Landmannalaugar. Or the “detailed” one where we make our way through the mountains from desolation to vegetation. Exploring in detail as we hike on this 7 day trip.

Frímann Ingvarsson

Summer is coming

After a unusually long and hard winter here in Iceland, the recent spring warmth with its sounds and smells is a deeply appreciated feeling. Though the weather is still harassing us a little bit over the easter holidays, the smell of spring is still looming strongly in the air. The days are getting longer, the night´s are getting brighter and the snow is slowly melting.

As we get closer to summer, our preparations are intensifying the equipment need´s overlooking, new tent´s need to be tested and perhaps some secret adjustment´s to this years menu need to be given a test run.

In the coming weeks I will try to be active in keeping this site and our Instagram alive, doing weekly posts about our tours, preparation and showing you some pictures of what we are doing and from previous tours. At least one thing is for certain, summer is coming and we are looking forward to taking you on a trip through Iceland´s highlands.